Things you can do in Arusha

Things you can do in Arusha If you are visiting Tanzania for your vacation it is higly likely you will stay a day or two in arusha, which is the safari hub for the popular northern tanzania parks. So you will surely be interested in things you can do while you await or return from your safari Visit the Cultural Heritage Centre is the place to see Tanzanian culture through art and artifacts. Beautiful exhibits tell the past and present stories of Tanzania and its people. There are lots of items for sale from the local artist, giving you the opportunity to contribute to the ever-growing artistic expression you will find throughout the country
Visit & shop at the Masai Market. This market is very popular among tourists visiting Arusha, on this market you can go shopping for local crafts. Be prepared to bargain and negotiate for those interesting souvenirs. If you are a laid back shopper you can avoid the market as seller will be persuasive trying to make a deal which doesnot go well with some who are used and prefer shopping in peace & quiet
See the clock tower, located in the center of Arusha. It also marks the mid way from cape town to cairo. There are a lot of great restaurants and stores nearby coffee tour.
Tanzanian coffee is famous around the world for its rich flavours, so why not go straight to the source and try it for yourself. You can visit a plantation where, you'll have the chance to roast and grind your beans, and enjoy a hot cup of the freshest coffee you'll ever have.
Meserani snake park. You can head fir the Meserani Snake Park where you can feed baboons, hold wild tortoises and get up close with dozens of slithering snakes. Expert guides explain the difference between each of the species protected at Meserani and explore the necessary steps to protect people from their poison. Shanga. Shanga, meaning ‘bead' in Swahili, is a heart-warming project dedicated to supporting and empowering community members with disabilities. Abiding by a commitment to environmentally sustainable business practices, Shanga comprises of a bustling workshop that creates works of art often from recycled goods and a trendy boutique. Shanga has grown exponentially from what started as one beaded necklace and a desire to help those in need.
Visit local vegetable markets, visiting a local market is something not to miss. Here you get a chance to experince a different way of shopping unlike the common self service vegetable shopping in supermarkets you are acustomed to. also learning on various vegetables present in the markets.
Go hiking to the meru waterfalls, this falls are just outside of the city the adventerous path leading to the falls makes this journey intersting you will also see a lot of vegation and nature
Visit the kikuletwa hot spring , this hot springs is one not to miss with clear and clean waters it is the perfect place to go for a swim. These spring however is about 60km from the city. We do offer a full day trip going to materuni waterfalls & coffee plantaions in moshi then visiting these spring for a swim before going back to arusha
See lake duluti, this lake is just 13km of the city you can go for canoeing, walking tour on its forest reserve or just lay back and chill to enjoy the views