Things you can do in Moshi

Things you can do in Moshi Moshi town is nestled at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro; it is the hiking hub. So many travelers especially those going to hike the Kilimanjaro will spend a day or two as they prepare or after they return from their hike. So here are some activities you can do Explore the local markets, with a very different setting local vegetable markets are something you will want to see and experience
Visit Materuni waterfalls, going to the falls you will have a short hike through great scenes. We do have a full day trip visiting the waterfalls & coffee plantations then later heading to kikuletwa hotsprings
Visit coffee farms & plantations, Tanzanian coffee is great! But a chance to learn and making your own cup local coffee will add to the satisfaction. From roasting the coffee beans to grinding & purifying until its ready with chagga tribe songs adding the morale in the process
Visiting Marangu waterfalls, there are many waterfalls option to choose in Moshi. Marangu is one of the best, you will also have great view of Mount Kilimanjaro if it’s not a cloudy day
Visiting lake challa, this crater lake is about 50km away there is a great scenic beauty and magnificent views of the lake as you relax at the crater rim resort, you can also hike and canoe which are common activities at the lake
Visiting a banana farm, the chagga community that lives in moshi are one of the popular consumers of banana products in Tanzania, from eating green & yellow bananas to consuming local banana wine. Visiting a farm you can learn on various ways of cooking the green banana, trying local banana wine should also be on top of your list